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Rodriguez custom ice carving and sculptures of San Diego

Masterfully Serving  San Diego - Southern California in Carving  Custom Elegant Ice Sculptures for Any Occasion

Rodriguez Custom Art Ice Sculptures of San Diego, California was founded in 1984 by Reyes Rodriguez.  Coming to the United States (San Diego) when he was 16, Reyes found his true artistic calling, the ability to turn solid ice blocks into masterfully carved ice sculptures.  Reyes Rodriquez brings the warmth and love of family into every carved ice sculpture. It is a family owned and operated business.  An ice sculpture company that started in a garage in

San Diego has grown into a well-established, sought after, premier business. Rodriguez Custom Art Ice Sculptures of San Diego is committed to provide the highest level of artistic product.  Each ice sculpture is custom carved and has a unique organic and artistic quality exceeding the  needs of private parties, weddings, businesses, and commercial projects. There are many pricing and payment options available. Please inquire today online or with a live, eager to help, member of the Rodriguez family. | CONTACT |   |   |   | 1-619-251-5909 |  


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